"Tagos Sa Pusong Pagbabalik-Tanaw:" The ABS-CBN's "Kwento Natin 'To" 60TH Year Anniversary Music Video!

It was nostalgia all over as the Divine Diva Zsa Zsa Padilla and daughter Zia Quizon sang the theme of ABS-CBN’s 60th year in the “Kwento Natin Ito” station ID that brings back the iconic scenes from remarkable ABS-CBN shows that reflected the stories of Filipinos for the past 60 years.

“Kwento Natin Ito” pays tribute to the many experiences of Filipinos, mirrored through ABS-CBN’s timeless dramas, hit sitcoms, exciting reality-game shows, informative news programs, and breakthrough fantaseryes that have inspired the network in all its efforts since the birth of Philippine television.

It brought good memories of the romantic dramas that Filipinos watched fervently like “Pangako Sa’Yo,” “Tayong Dalawa,” “Princess and I,” and “Walang Hanggan” and game shows that showed the world-class talents and the fighting spirit of Filipinos in “Star in A Million,” “Star Circle Quest,” “Pinoy Dream Academy,” “Pilipinas Game KNB?,” “Pinoy Big Brother,” and “Pilipinas Got Talent.”

ABS-CBN also shared the laughter with each and every Filipino through sitcoms like “Kaya Ni Mister Kaya Ni Misis,” “Palibhasa Lalake,” “Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata,” and “Home Along Da Riles” and sat down with them for sensible and heart-to-heart conversations in talk shows like “Jullie,” “Teysi ng Tahanan,” “Homeboy,” and “Today with Kris Aquino.”

Meanwhile, ABS-CBN also remained true to its commitment to educate and inform its viewers through programs such as “TV Patrol,” “Rated K,” and “World Tonight.”  It produced well-made teleseryes that imparted good values to young children like “May Bukas Pa” and “100 Days to Heaven” that became phenomenal.

ABS-CBN produced ground-breaking Fantaseryes like “Marina,” “Kokey,” “Dyosa,” and “Agua Bendita” that truly won the hearts of Filipinos.

The “Kwento Natin Ito” theme song was accompanied by the the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra with lyrics by Robert Labayen, composed and produced by Ferdinand Dimadura, arranged by John Carl Denina, and orchestrated and conducted by Gerard Salonga.

The 60 Years of ABS-CBN music video was created by ABS-CBN Creative Communications Management headed by Robert Labayen and Johnny Delos Santos. The 60 Years production team was supervised by Edsel Misenas, Kathrina Sanchez, Danie Sedilla-Cruz, and Dang Baldonado. It is based on the concept of the creative team composed of Christine Daria- Estabillo, Chiz Constantino-Perez and Sheryl Ramos. The music video was directed by Peewee Gonzales. Other members were Jaime Porca, Technical Production Head; Jojo Medrano, Production Assistant, Rommel Andreo Sales, Director of Photography; Oliver Paler and Meryl Miranda, Post  Production Team; Roger Villon, Logo Design; Gelo Dayao, Editor; and Robert Ku, Production Designer. (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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