Sarah Lahbati Gives Birth?!

The controversial former Kapuso actress and product of the artista reality show "Starstruck," Sarah Lahbati gave birth to her first baby with the actor Richard Gutierrez!

This was confirmed by the entertainment website According to their reports, the young actress gave birth last April to a baby named Zion. An MMS picture of the baby was said sent to the Gutierrez family three months ago during the heat of Annabelle Rama's campaign.     

The rumor was even solidified when Richard visited the actress in Switzerland weeks ago and posted their photo together in Instagram. They even posted same photos showing them together in Malibu Beach, California USA last August 5.  

Jun Lalin, the official publicist of the Gutierrez family denied the rumor and turned back the question to the media. "Where did you got that news," Lalin said.

Do you think Sarah truly gave birth to her child with Richard Gutierrez?! Who do you think is telling the truth?! (

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