Kris Lawrence Dedicates his New Album to Katrina Halili!

The R&B prince Kris Lawrence launched his newest album under GMA Records. This is actually his third album but is his first after signing with GMA Records.  

According to him, love is endless in his album. Well, that may be the reason why he dubbed his album as "Spread the Love!" The songs in his album were all for the people falling in love and hopeless romantic.  

The album contains 12 all original songs. Yes, he created all the songs. He created it with an inspiring heart!

When asked to whom he dedicates the songs in his album, he proudly say, "definitely it's for Kat (Katrina Halili)." Kris and Kat were hot couples and hot items on showbiz. Just recently, Katrina gave birth to Kris' child.  

Of all the songs in his album, Kris' favorite is "Tell Me." He even like "Nightmare," a song featuring Elmo Magallona.

Aside"Nightmare," other songs in his album with the featuring artists are "Rider" (ft. Q-York), "Yesterday" (ft. Bryan Woodart of IV Example), and "Unbreakable" (ft. Rachelle Ann Go).  

Watch Kris' invitation to avail his new album below: 

Also part of his tracks is the song "Ikaw Pala" which is the official theme song of GMA Telebabad's "The Innocent Man" which began airing last July 22.

Kris explores themes about love that lurches into the romantic kind then dives into its pitfalls, lacing up tracks with melodies and musicality that project more ambition. He sings with grit and a sense of purpose to connect with people, and on this solid record, he does it more successfully than ever, proving his place right up there with the country's best.

Kris Lawrence's "Spread the Love" is now on CDs in Astroplus, Astro Vision, Odyssey, The Landmark and SM Music and Video outlets nationwide. It is also available worldwide on digital format thru iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and OPM2GO. (

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