Jessy Mendiola Meets Thalia!

Jessy Mendiola, our very own Pinay version of "Maria Mercedez" met the original Mexican star who portrayed the role. Jessy met no other than the Mexican Telenovela Queen, Thalia

In a live video call, Thalia met Jessy and gave her best wishes to the Kapamilya actress. The international star saluted the young actress for portraying the role and believes that she can give justice to the character! 

Jessy in her official Instagram account (@senorita_j) posted her video call photo with Thalia. Here it is: 

Jessy breaks the record! Yup, of the four Pinay actresses who played the characters of Thalia in our local version, Jessy is the only one who met and talked with Thalia and received the blessings from the original Mexiconovela Superstar.

In the rival network, Marian Rivera played "Marimar" in 2007 and Carla Abellana portrayed "Rosalinda" in 2009 while in ABS-CBN, Erich Gonzales is the local version of "Maria La Del Barrio" (2011). Jessy who is now playing "Maria Mercedez" is the luckiest of the four actresses who revived the characters of Thalia since she got the opportunity to meet the actress!   

"Maria Mercedez" will air soon in ABS-CBN! Jessy's leading men were Jake Cuenca and Jason Abalos. Completing the lead casts were Vina Morales, Vivian Velez, Devon Seron and Atoy Co. 

The original "Maria Mercedez" which was aired by ABS-CBN hit the Philippine TV series way back in 1996. Now, are you excited for the comeback of this phenomenal Mexiconovela in today's generation?! (   

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