Videos: Tribute to Cory Monteith

The Hollywood actor Cory Monteith truly created a big mark in the heart of many of us! Playing his character as Finn Hudson in the hit US musical TV series "Glee" made people around the world idolize him. This even paved way not only for his stardom, but also for having the love of his life, Lea Michele who is also playing the lead character in the series as Rachel Berry.

Once more, here are two videos paying tribute to the actor. The first one is a video featuring him in the US channel ClevverNews. Then the second one is a fan-made video for Cory with the song "Heaven" in the background courtesy of iSmilefor1D

Let's all watch these:

Remembering Cory Monteith (Clevver News):

H e a v e n - do ; ❥ Rip Cory monteith ❥ Stay Strong Lea ♡ Stay Strong (Fan-Made):

We, TV Series Craze is joining the people around the globe in grieving and expressing our deepest sympathy to Cory Monteith! May you rest in peace in the hands of the Lord Cory! Be strong Lea! (

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