Video: Vice Ganda as Santana, The Queen of 'Tikbalang' in 'Juan Dela Cruz!'

The comedian-TV host Vice Ganda joins the star-studded cast of the country's No. 1 fantaserye "Juan Dela Cruz." In the TV series, Vice plays the character of Santana, the "Tikbalang Queen." 

In the recent episode of "Juan Dela Cruz" last Friday, July 5, 2013,  Vice finally appeared in the story reuniting her real-life showbiz friend Coco Martin!

Here is the video clip of the last episode of "Juan Dela Cruz" showing Santana. Let's all watch this:

According to Vice, more fight scenes between her and bestfriend Coco will be witnessed!

In the next chapters of the fantasy series, with a portal to the realm of fairies opened, Santana wastes no time to plot their first steps for vengeance: kidnap Mira (Shaina Magdayao), the well-loved princess of their rivals. 

"Tikbalang" is a popular Philippine folklore showcasing a half-human half-horse creature!

Do you think Santana is a friend or a foe?! Well, let's wait and see! (

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