TV Series Craze Climbs at No. 9 in the PH's Top Blogs Entertainment Category!

TV Series Craze, your favorite entertainment blog site which serves the hottest trends in TV series and entertainment immediately climbs at the No. 9 spot in the Entertainment & Lifestyle Category of Top Blogs Philippines last week, the week of July 15, 2013 during the heat of the Cory Monteith's death!

Our very own article for Cory and his real-life girlfriend Lea Michele entitled "Cory Monteith and Lea Michele: The Wedding Turns to a Funeral!" got a record breaking hits and pageviews of 21, 297 for the first day! Yes, for the first day of post only it generated the said hits worldwide putting the site on the top spot! 

Well,  check out the Top 10 entertainment and lifestyle blog sites of Top Blogs Philippines during the said week:

Top Blogs Philippines Top 1-4 Entertainment Blogs

Top Blogs Philippines Top 5-10 Entertainment Blogs with TV Series Craze at No, 9

And of course, here are some of the data screenshots of the said article. Check these out:

TV Series Craze Pageviews on July 15, 2013 

TV Series Craze' Cory Monteith-Lea Michele Article Pageviews

These metrics of TV Series Craze keep us motivated! We will continue to serve your needs! And of course, we will still keep on going, pumping, and improving! 

Once more, thank you very much for your continuous patronage! Expect for more exciting posts and topics to be published and to be featured here and only here in your favorite website, TV Series Craze! (

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