Nikki Gil and Billy Joe Crawford End 4 and 1/2 Year-Relationship!

Everyone thought that they will end up tying the knot together! But just this Tuesday, July 23, 2013, they called it 'quits!'

Nikki Gil and Billy Joe Crawford ended their four and a half-year relationship! Their breakup is considered as one of the saddest showbiz breakup to date!

The two admitted that their breakup was a mutual decision and there was no third party involved.

According to reports, Billy Joe Crawford tried to save their relationship, however Nikki Gil thought it was better for them to end it up.

News even told that the two planned to buy a house and lot just in case they live happily ever after.

Even though they were now moving separate ways, Billy and Nikki still stay as a good friend.

What do you think the real reason for this Billy-Nikki breakup?! (

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  1. As of now d muna ako maniniwala unless na cla mismo ang magsalita un lng..