Child Wonders Andrea Brillantes and Bugoy Cariño Reunite in 'Annaliza'

Teleserye princess Andrea Brillantes reunites with E-Boy co-star Bugoy Carino as the Kapamilya child wonder joins the cast of hit primetime family drama Annaliza.

Annaliza finds a new friend in Pating who will serve as her knight in shining armor from kids who bully her in school. 

They may have started on the wrong foot when Pating stole Annaliza’s things at a dark alley, but the two managed to patch things up and became friends.

How will fate challenge their newfound friendship? Can Pating protect Annaliza enough from all the pain that’s coming her way?

Don’t miss Annaliza weeknights before TV Patrol in ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. (

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