Denise Laurel and Kaye Abad Switch Characters in 'Annaliza!'

Denise Laurel from a villain now turns into a loving Isabel while Kaye Abad from nice and sweet to wicked Stella...! 

After the success of their respective teleseryes Precious Hearts Romances presents Paraiso and Angelito: Ang Bagong Yugto, Denise Laurel and Kaye Abad are set to play characters different from their usual roles in upcoming family drama “Annaliza.”

From being a feisty antagonist, Denise will now play the loving and caring Isabel, who will be endeared to Annaliza, while Kaye departs from her usual nice and sweet protagonist roles to play the mean and wicked Stella, who will make the young girl’s life miserable. 

Denise Laurel Now as Kindhearted:

Kaye Abad Now as Wicked:

Joining Kaye and Denise in “Annaliza” is rising teleserye princess Andrea Brillantes, top-caliber actors Zanjoe Marudo, Patrick Garcia, and Carlo Aquino, and rising teen sensations Khalil Ramos, Sue Ramirez and Kiko Estrada. 

Annaliza is an endearing and heartwarming family drama that centers on the enduring love and fighting spirit of a child despite all the struggles and miseries in her life.

"Annaliza" will soon hit your afternoon! (

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