'LUV U' Tackles Feelings and Relationships in This Sunday's Episode!

Summer romance becomes more of a challenge as emotions heat up at a  barkada  batch party in this Sunday’s (April 28) episode of “LUV U”.

The whole gang gets invited to Max's (Rhap Salazar) house, wanting to get together for fun; but as the excitement at the party heightens, so do the romantic feelings of members of the group. 

With April (Angeli Gonzales) finding out that she would have to leave the country to further pursue her studies in Singapore, the idea of leaving Boom (CJ Navato) behind becomes disturbing, one that she cannot yet accept.

Aside from the difficulty that April and Boom have to face, another member of the gang finds the need to gather up enough courage to finally admit how she really feels about another member of the  barkada?

Will April and Boom be able to keep their relationship going? Will Boom plead for April to stay? Which member of the "LUV U" gang will finally admit his or her wanting for romance? How will the batch costume party play out when people begin to reveal their true feelings?

Tune in to this week's episode of "LUV U" to find out, to be aired on Sunday (April 28), after “ASAP 18.” (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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