Katrina Halili and Ryan Eigenmann Enter 'Indio,' Are They Friends or Foes?!

Two new characters will add more spice and twist to the country's most-budgeted epic fantaserye! Are they villains or protagonists?!

GMA’s primetime fantasy series, Indio, becomes even more exciting beginning this week as the show welcomes two new cast members: Katrina Halili, who will play the role of Burigadang Pada Sinaklang Bulawan; and Ryan Eigenmann, who will portray Sidapa, the god of death.  The move marks Katrina and Ryan’s return to the realm of fantasy.

Will they be a friend or a foe to Simeon, the lead character of the epic series portrayed by Sen. Ramon Bong Revilla, Jr.?  

Well, Katrina is going to be an antagonist, a gorgeous supernatural being who will make Simeon’s goal of defending the natives from the brutality of the Spanish conquistadores a Herculean task.  Katrina’s character is a goddess of greed and vengeance.  She will avenge the death of her only brother Paiburong (Mike Gayoso), a diwata with the guise of a crocodile who was killed by Simeon.

On the other hand, Ryan’s character (Sidapa) is a little bit tricky since he is not totally evil.  In fact, even if his task is to make sure that the dead dies, he wants to be fair to everyone.  However, a twist in the story, which will be revealed in the coming weeks, will change all that.

Katrina was chosen for the role because of her convincing portrayal of similar characters in GMA’s top-rating fantasy series in the past like Valentina in “Darna” and Lady Mantisa in “Gagambino.”  Ryan, on the other hand, is a “veteran” when it comes to portraying as a villain, and he being chosen for the role in Indio doesn’t really come to viewers as a surprise.  What’s more intriguing is how these two characters will affect the story of the series.

Find out how Katrina Halili and Ryan Eigenmann will “rock the boat” so to speak and make a mess out of Simeon’s life in “Indio” beginning April 15 (Monday).

Top billed by Sen. Ramon Bong Revilla, Jr. and directed by Dondon Santos, Indio airs weeknights after 24 Oras on GMA-7. (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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