Video: Kim Chiu, Coco Martin, and Daniel Padilla's "Kaloka-Like" Visit 'ASAP 18!'

The Kim Chiu "Kalokalike"

The Coco Martin "Kalokalike"

The Daniel Padilla "Kalokalike"
Can you still identify the real Kim Chiu, Coco Martin, and Daniel Padilla?! Well, the three impersonators or the Kaloka-Likes of these three hottest TV series stars visit "ASAP 18."

Yes, the "It's Showtime" contestants performed a special number in one of the episodes of the said hit longest running musical variety show. They had a duet with the real stars' leading partners.   

Watch out the video clips below courtesy of princessbernardino: 

What can you say about them, do they exactly look like their idols?! Who other Kaloka-Like celebrities do you want to guest in "ASAP?!" Well, we'll wait and see! (

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