Blog Con: Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla Take on More Challenging Roles in 'Must Be Love!'

They were first paired in the youth-oriented show "Growing Up" giving life to the cat-dog like characters of two teenagers facing different challenges as students. Then, they conquered the Primetime playing the most-loved prince and princess of Yangdon in "Princess and I." They even took steps being two of the lead members of the Star Magic 20TH Anniversary offering, "24/7 in Love" playing the characters of a heartthrob star and a die-hard fan. They moved further taking the roles of Ai Ai Delas Alas' daughter and  nephew of Vice Ganda in the 2012 MMFF entry "Sisterakas." Now, the hottest love team of this generation debuts in their very own movie in leading roles.

This March, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla star in a romance-comedy flick "Must Be Love."

During the blog conference of Kathniel for this another must-see movie from Star Cinema, Daniel and Kathryn talked about their exciting characters.

Kathryn plays the boyish Patchot while DJ portrays the metrosexual Ivan. Their lifestyle and environment were totally opposite - Patchot is living in the litsunan while Ivan is taken-care of his parlorista auntie. They grew up together being best of friends in the movie until love develops between them.

According to the movie director Dado Lumibao, one of the twists in the movie is how two opposing environments will met - one in litsunan while the other in a parlor.

Kathryn and DJ's characters in the movie were truly different from the roles they portrayed before in movies or TV series. Kathryn as Patchot takes on a more 'masculine' role as she was raised in an all-boys environment - living with her father and brothers. She is playing basketball in the movie, swimming, or doing men's activities. And yes, she was tanned in the movie since they were living in the litsunan. But as the movie progresses, we will see how a boyish young girl will grow into a beautiful lady! 

Opposite of Kathryn's character, Daniel who is playing the role of Ivan is more neat and gentle since he was raised by his gay aunt played by John Lapuz. He will fall in love to Patchoy's best friend. But later on, he will find himself falling inlove with his childhood friend! 

Direk Dado narrated how they chose the casts of the movie. He revealed that the movie was really tailored for the personalities of Kathryn and Daniel. He even explained why they put John Lapuz in the story instead of putting DJ's real-life auntie BB Gandanghari as Ivan's gay aunt. 

Here is a video clip during the bloggers' conference where Direk Dado shared his points about the movie: 

Direk even compared the romance movies then and now. According to him, romance movies before like in the times of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion where more cinematic. Today, romance movies were more on rom-com. The story was focused on the characters. You will love the movie because of the characters acting on it while before, you will love the movie because of the cinematic background!

This movie also grants the wish of Kathryn to star in a rom-com film. Since she already led before in dramas, why not try a romance-comedy flick!

The movie also rotates not only in the romance between Kathryn and DJ's characters. But also has a deep story that we need to find out!

"Must Be Love" is now (March 13, 2013) opening in the different cinemas nationwide! It's a perfect treat to all the students and teenagers who were experiencing young love! It's definitely a sure big hit! Congrats in advance!(

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