TV Series Review: "Juan Dela Cruz" Advanced Screening Touches the Hearts of Filipinos!

"Hindi mahalaga ang pinagmulan, mas mahalaga ang iyong patutunguhan..." This is the line from Father Cito played by Jaime Fabregas of the newest superhero fantaserye "Juan Dela Cruz." This is one of the most remarkable lines from ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida offering which makes the said teleserye not just an ordinary fantasy TV series which we used to know. 

 At first, I thought that this TV series is a common fantaserye that we already watched before since it tackles Aswang ("aswang na naman") and puts another superhero. But after watching the full pilot week of the series, my expectation eventually increases to the highest level! 

First of all, I really appreciate the cinematography of the series. Yes, it outburst the common Pinoy teleseryes we usually watched as it uses the modern technology uplifting the quality of Filipino TV series. As they say, "Juan Dela Cruz is a movie put on TV! Para kang nanonood ng isang dekalibreng pelikula!" And I truly agreed on this!  

I love how the TV series started. On the first part, it uses the animated story-telling! It's like a Pinoy cartoon that narrates the origin of the aswang and the katutubo battle! And it touches a part of the Philippine culture! 

Fan Groups of Coco Martin Flock in SM Megamall to Support their Idol!

The Lead Stars of the Fantaserye Entering the Cinema

Coco Martin and Gina Pareno Reunited in "Juan Dela Cruz"

When the character of Albert Martinez playing the Hari ng Aswang appeared as well as the other aswang creatures, the TV series reminded me of the hit top-grossing Hollywood film "Avatar." Yes, the quality, the effects can now surpass the film! "Pulido ang pagkakagawa!"   

When Mylene Dizon playing the character of Amelia, the mother of Coco Martin gave birth to him, loud screams and applause were heard all over the cinema! And this started featuring the moral values of the story. 

The young Juan (played by the newbie child star) was then raised by Father Cito since his mother died after giving birth to him. Father Cito teaches the child all the good values he must posses. This is the time when the good priest uttered remarkable lines of good Filipino values. Some of these are: "Hindi mo dapat parusahan ang taong wala pang ginagawang kasalanan;" "kung ano ang idinidikta ng lipunan sa tao ay ito ang gagawin niya:" and "Hindi mahalaga ang pinagmulan, mas mahalaga ang iyong patutunguhan!    

This is the second time that the veteran actor Jaime Fabregas played a priest in a TV series. The first one was in the phenomenal hit inspirational series "May Bukas Pa" in 2009. Though he has a short appearance in "Juan Dela Cruz," his presence was truly much felt!

Coco Signs his Latest Magazine Cover

Big Stars and Coco's Walang Hanggan Co-Stars Were There Supporting Him!
The TV series puts the elements of Pinoy society. Aside from aswangs, the presence of mga batang Hamog in Quiapo, the presence of chismosas, the sigas and sindikatos, and the beliefs of manghuhula were some of the things that depict our common society. And of course, the series emphasized our strong religious belief! It even uses the holy cross as a tool or a weapon of a superhero to save us from the devil and to fight the dark creatures! Now you know what the word "cruz" in the title exactly pertains to!     

Even the title of the teleserye is very Filipino - Juan Dela Cruz. This name will truly uplift the Filipinos all over the world!

The series also combines action, drama, fantasy, romance, and comedy. You will not get bored watching it since it gives you all the genres of a high quality film!

I even love  the plot of the story. It is fast-phasing! "Mabilis ang takbo ng istorya" keeping you excited in every scene!

The Juan Dela Cruz Memorabilia

The Life-Sized Juan Dela Cruz Statue

The biggest names of the Philippine showbiz industry were all present in the advanced screening which took place in SM Megamall Cinema 10, Saturday night of February 2, 2013. Some of them were Eddie Garcia, Helen Gamboa, Susan Roces, Martin Nieverra, and Charlene Gonzales. Young stars like Julia Montes, Dom Roque, Ella Cruz, Martin Del Rosario, Aljon Lucas, Karylle and Khalil Ramos and X-Factor Philippines' Kedavon and KZ Tandingan as well as the cast members were also present supporting the teleserye.   

"Juan Dela Cruz" stars  Coco Martin, Erich Gonzales, Gina Pareño, Joel Torre, Albert Martinez, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Neil Coleta, Aaron Villaflor, Lotlot De Leon, John Medina, Lilia Cuntapay, Eddie Garcia, Ronnie Lazaro, and Louise Abuel. 

It's good to note that this newest teleserye from ABS-CBN is brought to us by the same team that gave us the hit "May Bukas Pa." And it is exactly four years ago (February 2009) after their launch the said inspirational TV series which put the child wonder Zaijan Jaranilla on stardom! And yes, Zaijan was also present in the advanced screening!

So, mark your calendar! Get ready for the coming of another phenomenal hit TV series this 2013! "Juan Dela Cruz" premieres this Monday, February 4, 2013 right after "TV Patrol" in ABS-CBN's leading Primetime Bida! This replaces the timeslot of "Princess and I." YUN OH!(

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