'Magpakailanman' Tells the Life Story of a Rabies Victim!

For most dog owners, their pets are more than just their bestfriends.  Oftentimes, they are more like family.  Such was the case with Eduardo Sese -- that was before his beloved pet unwittingly ended his life due to rabies.

Sese was a poor familyman in the province of Pampanga. Although he was undereducated and lacked the skills that would land him a good job, he was a righteous man.

He may not have the perfect family and marriage, at least he had his dogs to turn to in his times of despair.  What he didn't expect was that his closeness with his canine friends would cost him his own life.

One day one of the puppies accidentally bit on Sese's finger, and since he didn't realize how harmful that bite could be, he didn't bother to get an anti-rabies shot.

After some time, Sese's family noticed several oddities in his behavior.  Suddenly, he became afraid of the wind and avoided water, tell-tale signs of rabies. Soon, his behavior became animal-like and he began to manifest dog-like characteristics.  His condition worsened as months passed by ultimately ending in his tragic death.

This Saturday (February 2), GMA's drama anthology program, "Magpakailanman" will televise the life story of Eduardo Sese and how he lost the battle to rabies, a deadly viral infection that is mainly spread by infected warm-blooded animals like dogs. 

Entitled "Kagat ng Asong Ulol," the episode stars Gabby Eigenmann (as Eduardo Sese) with Rochelle Pangilinan, Irma Adlawan, Ces Quesada and Maybelline dela Cruz.

Find out more about Eduardo Sese's story in "Magpakailanman" hosted by veteran journalist Mel Tiangco airing this Saturday (February 2), after Kap's Amazing Stories, on GMA-7.(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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