'The Strangers' Sets the New Generation of Horror Film!

 The year 2012 is dubbed as the year of the horror flicks as different horror movies from different film outfits dominate the Philippine Cinemas! And before the year finally conclude, a new horror film is set to put fears in our Christmas.

"The Strangers" is a horror movie entry to the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival produced by Quantum Films and MJM Films and is distributed by Star Cinema. It is led by the hottest young stars today namely JM De Guzman, Enrique Gil, Julia Montes, Nico Antonio, and Enchong Dee. And of course, they were joined by the veteran actresses Cherry Pie Picache and Janice De Belen.   
"The Strangers" could be called as the new genre of horror film as it led by the young generation of stars. During the grand presscon of the said movie in Dolce Latte, Quezon City, the lead casts shared their own experience while filming the movie.    

Enrique Gil and JM De Guzman - From Drama on TV to Horror on Movie!

Enrique Gil Stars in Another Horror Flick This Year After 'Amorosa'

JM De Guzman and Julia Montes Paired for the First Time in the Movie
 Enchong who is playing the character of Dolfo sported a strange look in the movie. He is the man who lost his sanity because of the unusual happenings in his life. According to him, as part of his preparation to his character in the movie, he lost more weights. He needs to workout everyday to gain the physique needed in the movie.       

Enrique in the movie is playing the character of Max, the twin brother of Patricia (Julia's character). Enrique and Julia in the movie are celebrating their 18th birthday. They went out of town for celebration but indeed find themselves trapped in tragedies! "The Strangers" is actually the second horror movie of Enrique for this year. Last August, he starred in "Amorosa" with Empress, Martin Del Rosario, and Angel Aquino.      

 JM on the other hand shared that this movie is his first MMFF movie in the leading role. He shared the same with Enchong and Enrique since the three of them debut in "The Strangers" being their very first MMFF movie. Julia revealed that this is not her first MMFF film since she already played before the young Marian Rivera in Regal Film's entry "Bahay Kubo" years ago. It is also good to know that this movie is also JM's second horror flick this year after "Pridyeder."  

The Casts and the Director of the Movie

Enchong Dee Talks About his Character in the Movie!

Janice De Belen and Cherry Pie Picache Reunited Now in a Horror Flick!
Nico Antonio, the indie film actor also takes an interesting role in the movie. He played the family driver but there's a mystery in his character. He will be the key to solve all the unusual things happening in the lead characters. 

The veteran actresses Janice and Cherry Pie were reunited in the movie. If in TV we always see them battling one another in every heavy drama scenes via "Ina Kapatid Anak", in this movie they joined forces giving us the most frightening experience.  

Janice plays the character of a nurse. This is actually Janice's fifth horror film for the year brightening her title being the country's "Queen of Horror Films." Cherry Pie on the other didn't exactly revealed her character in the movie. But she gave a glimpse on what to expect on her in the movie. "Sa movie na'to, gagawin ko muli 'ung isang bagay na hindi ko na nagagawa noon," said Ms. Pie which truly posted excitement in the faces of the press!

The casts also shared their insights about the saying, "Don't Talk to Stranger." Majority of them practice the idea of not talking to strangers and related their own stories to the press people.  

Once more, here is the full trailer of the movie:

"The Strangers" will hit the theaters this Christmas day, December 25, 2012 being one of the entries to the 2012 MMFF! This is under the direction of Lawrence Fajardo.(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com) 

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