Coco Martin is the Newest Endorser of Max's Restaurant!

Coco Martin is now the newest endorser of Max's Restaurant! His billboard and TV commercial for the said most-loved and all-time favorite chicken restaurant were now launched!

"Pag dumating ang pinaka-love mo, ANG SARAP!" That is the newest tagline of Coco for his newest endorsement.

Here is the TV commercial of Coco for Max's Restaurant. Let's all watch this:

In the TVC, Coco narrates his sweet success in showbiz. He relates his own story to the great menu of the restaurant.   

If Coco's remarkable tagline for Nescafe Caramel is "YUMMY," here in Max's Restaurant, it's "ANG SARAP!"

Piolo Pascual is the previous endorser of the said restaurant. Now, it's Coco Martin! Is Coco really following the footstep of Piolo?! What do you think?! Congrats to both of you Piolo and Coco!( 

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