The Life Story of the Second Filipino Saint, San Pedro Calungsod on ABS-CBN's Documentary This Sunday!

Filipino teenage martyr Pedro Calungsod is set to join the altar of saints when Pope Benedict XVI leads the canonization ceremony at the Vatican on Sunday (Oct 21). ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs will examine the life of the former missionary catechist and his influence on the Filipino faithful in a special documentary “San Pedro Calungsod” later that same evening on ABS-CBN.

With the meager historical information written about him, Blessed Pedro’s life can be written in a few paragraphs. Thus, the documentary will trace the life of a Visayan boy who lived and died spreading and defending his faith, his miracle, and the significance of his rise to sainthood.

Blessed Pedro Calungsod was only 17 years old when he was murdered while serving and evangelizing the Chamorro natives on the island of Guam in 1672. In 2000, he was beatified by Pope John Paul II, and has had one intercessory miracle recognized by the Vatican and declared worthy of belief.

Calungsod joins fellow catechist San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila as the second saint in a country that is predominantly Catholic. As one of only two Catholic nations in Asia, the Philippines celebrates a major milestone and takes great pride in the canonization of Blessed Pedro.

Many groups and chapels dedicated to him have sprouted not only in the Philippines and Guam, but also in the United States and other countries with Filipinos. Calungsod’s patronage also includes the youth and migrant workers for dedicating his young life to God and his missionary work.

Don’t miss “San Pedro Calungsod” this Sunday (Oct 21) on ABS-CBN’s Sunday Best after “Gandang Gabi Vice.”(

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