Jeric and Elle's Performance Bow the Judges in the 'Protege Final Battle!'

Now on its second to the last Gala Night of the hit GMA-7's artista reality search "Protege: The Battle for the Big Artista Break,"  the final six showed their outstanding performances. The final six sang, danced, act, and performed a monologue respectively on the stage.

But on tonight's episode, the top two performers who got the bow from the four judges were Jeric Gonzales from the main division and Elle Ramirez from the female.

The two performers have something in common - both of them portrayed a mentally ill person! 

Elle performed a monologue portraying the modern Sisa! At first, she was wearing a Filipiniana looking for her sons Basilo and Crispin. But in the middle of her performance, she removed her traditional costume turning her to a sexy lady performing a hit "Mama Sisa" remix!

Jeric on the other hand sung ala Adam Lambert! The stage and his outfit depicted a winter sonata feel! In the VTR, he acted with Andrea Torres and Mikael Daez. He was an employee of Mikael but was fired in the office. With his situation, he turned crazy leading him to hostage Andrea!

Jeric and Elle truly shone on the night! Do you think they two will be the second big winner of "Protege?" Who among the six hopefuls are your bets?!(

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  1. Hi! May I know what song did Jeric sing? Thank you!