Carmina Villaroel Joins BB Gandanghari's Utol Robin Padilla and Competes with Vhong Navarro via Cooking Showdown in 'TodaMax'!

Former wife of Rustom Padilla (who is now BB Gandanghari), Carmina Villaroel will join his brother in another exciting episode of "Todamax" this Saturday. And she will compete with the show's resident cook, Justin Bibo (Vhong Navarro). 

Vhong and Mina's kitchen tricks will be tested on “Toda Max” this Saturday (October 27) as the two battle it out in a cooking showdown.

“I am prepared for this cooking competition because of the lessons I learned from my culinary school. This showdown must not be missed,” said Carmina, this week’s “Toda Max” guest.

Carmina will play the role of Chef Mina, a four-time winner in the competition “That’s My Chef” who yearns to win one more time to be hailed as a Master Chef Hall of famer. Meanwhile, Tol (Binoe) and Justin (Vhong) will find out that Lady G (Pokwang) has forced evicted them from their home and that Tatay Mac (Al Tantay) and Isabel (Angel Locsin) are the new homeowners. To retrieve their home, Lady G requires them to give a down payment of P100,000.

Thinking that all hope’s gone, Justin will be invited by Chef Mina to compete with her in a cooking showdown to finally get her much-awaited win. If Justin beats her, she’ll give him a P100,000 cash prize.

Will this be the answer to Justin’s prayers? Find out on “Toda Max” this Saturday (October 27) after “Maalaala Mo Kaya” on ABS-CBN.(

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  1. I really love this show! Epic comedy that will really make you laugh. What if BB GandangHari visit their show where Robin and Carmina is still there? I really don't know what will happen next. haha

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