Ashton Kutcher is the 2012 TV's Highest Paid Actor According to Forbes!

The Hollywood hunk actor Ashton Kutcher is named as the "Television's Highest Paid Actor" for 2012 by Forbes! Ashton takes over the last year's top spot formerly occupied by former “Two and a Half Men” star Charlie Sheen.

The title was not only grabbed by Ashton from Charlie, even his role in thr hit US TV series “Two and a Half Men.” 

Check out the “Highest Paid Actor on TV” Top 10 list by Forbes for this year. Here it goes:  

1. Ashton Kutcher (Two and a Half Men) – $24M
2. Hugh Laurie (House) – $18M
3. Ray Romano (Men of a Certain Age) – $18M
4. Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) – $15M
5. Mark Harmon (NCIS) – $15M
6. Tim Allen (Last Man Standing) – $14M
7. Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men) – $13M
8. Patrick Dempsey (Grey’s Anatomy) – $12M
9. Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) – $8M
10. Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory) – $M
Based on the data, Ashton earned an overall total of $24 Million from May 2011 to May 2012. Wow!(

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