Are Marco Gumabao and Miles Ocampo's Love Team in 'LUV U'' Now for Real?!

Marco Gumabao and Miles Ocampo portray as lovers in the teen comedy series “LUV U” and rumor has it that their fictional roles are becoming true.

“I guess we can't help to have these rumors. We’re almost always together at tapings,” said Miles. “But we're mostly with our co-stars too at the set.”

Marco also pointed out that this week’s Halloween episode on “LUV U” required him and Miles to spend more time together. “People should definitely watch out for our scenes at the camp,” he said.

On “LUV U” this Sunday (October 28), JB (Marco) and Camille’s (Miles) entire class will participate in a survival camp. Because of the creepy atmosphere, JB and Camille will be huddled up inside their tent, causing jealousy to Honey (Arie Reyes). To separate the lovers, Honey will call Camille’s grandma, Lola Paula (Joy Viado). The latter will travel to the camp with Jules only to meet disaster.(

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