John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo Take Their Most Mature and Bravest Roles in 'The Mistress!'

The Lover... The Wife... The Benefactor... The Mistress....! These are the four characters which excites everybody to see in the newest Star Cinema movie, "The Mistress!"

Yeah, the movie unveils the story of a four-sided love affair. It's a heavy-drama romantic film which has a very controversial plot!

"The Mistress" is also the 10TH Year Anniversary offering of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo as a love team!

As John Lloyd and Bea's tandem comes into a decade, they were now taking into more serious characters. 'LaBers' (the popular monicker of the Lloydie-Bea love team) reveals in the recently held Blogger's Conference that the "The Mistress" is their bravest and most mature movie they ever involved with!

Bea who is in the title role plays the character of Sari, a young woman who is the mistress of the rich old man (Ronaldo Valdez). But Sari is not a typical mistress that we used to know. She is decent, clean, and family-oriented girl who will do everything to support her family.

John Lloyd Cruz on the other hand portrays the character of JD, a young man who deeply fall in love to a young woman who is already committed to a married man! Hmmm..what a controversial twist!

Here is the full trailer of "The Mistress." Let's watch this first:

Completing the four-sided love story is Ms. Hilda Koronel who made a grand showbiz comeback for almost a decade just for this movie! She is the legal wife of the character of Mr. Ronaldo Valdez.

During our discussion, Bea reveals that at first she is so nervous to work with Ronaldo. She is not comfortable to work with him since he is already one of the veterans and one of the most respected names in showbiz also taking consideration their wide age gap. Besides, Ronaldo is Bea's father in the previous hit TV series "Betty La Fea."

But Ronaldo breaks the ice. He made the first move to make Bea very comfortable with him. And it works that's why they got a perfect blend in the movie!

Bea also took the effort to make her look more mature in the movie. According to her, she uses dark makeups to reveal her mature appearance fitting her role!

The movie is another masterpiece of Ms. Olivia M. Lamasan. "Inang" (as they termed Ms. Olivia) reveals that they conceptualized the film by looking into the other side of society. "Kahit saan ka pumunta, marami dyan na mayayaman, business na may mga mistress. And even their wives tolerate them because of wealth and money," Inang shared.

Vanessa Valdez, the writer of the story added that they came up with the story by putting together their own experience. "Nagsimula namin maisip 'ung kwento 'nung makita namin 'ung isang rich man na customer sa isang restaurant na attracted sa isang young girl. Araw-araw, lagi na niyang hinahanap 'ung girl tuwing pumupunta sya dun. And that's the start, we made a twist, a plot from that," Vanessa added.

Before the end of the conference, Bea and Lloydie revealed the secret why their love team is the strongest among the others. Lloydie said that their tandem won't last a decade if he courted Bea. "Masaya kaming magkaibigan. And that friendship strengthen as time passes by," Lloydie shared.

And a remarkable quote from Bea which truly strikes us says, "you cannot seduce a happy husband!"

"The Mistress" is showing today, September 12, 2012 on more than 100 theaters nationwide! It's surely another blockbuster film! Congrats Bea and John Lloyd as well as to the whole cast and staffs of the movie!(

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