Cosmo Bash 2012: JM De Guzman Kissed by a Girl in the Stage!

JM  De Guzman, the "Angelito Batang Ama" lead star is also one of the hot sensation of the recently concluded 2012 Cosmopolitan Bachelors Bash. For the first time, JM ramped in front of the screaming hundred fans half-naked!

An unexpected event took place during the turn of JM. It was when a wild girl moved up in the stage and kissed JM on his face. What more, the girl didn't contented! She even kissed the abs of the hot young actor.

Check out some of the sizzling yummy photos of JM De Guzman during the night including his photos with the girl on the stage. Here they go:    

JM De Guzman Sizzles in the 2012 Cosmo Bash

Come In To My Place!

A Girl Kissed JM De Guzman!

The Girl Didn't Contented, She Even Kissed JM's Abs!

Photos were courtesy of Yahoo OMG and of Twitter account of @AiahBruce.  

What can you say about the girl who kissed JM on the stage during the show?! Can we consider this as a misconduct?! Or we shouldn't blame the girl 'coz JM is truly hot?! If you are in the same situation, what will you do?!(

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