Coco Martin and Paulo Avelino Are Good Friends in Real Life!

Multi-awarded actor Coco Martin clarified that he and his “Walang Hanggan” co-star Paulo Avelino are good friends behind the camera, despite their heated rivalry in the top-rating primetime TV drama series.

“There is no competition between me and Paulo,” Coco said. “Both of us are very happy that we are able to portray our roles well and that TV viewers continue to follow our story.”

In fact, Coco also shared that he and Paulo always help one another in the set of “Walang Hanggan.” He shared, “During tapings, Paulo and I always give advices to each other on how we can execute our scenes better.”

Meanwhile, unlike the good working relationship between Coco and Paulo, tension continues to rise between their characters in “Walang Hanggan,” especially now that Nathan (Paulo) is ready to fulfill his agreement with Katerina (Julia Montes). Will Daniel (Coco) be able to stop Katerina and Nathan's renewal of vows? What will Nathan do when he finds out that his wife is carrying his child?(

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