Alden Richards Turns Hot and Sexy for Cosmopolitan Bachelor's Bash 2012!

Kapuso young actor Alden Richards prepares himself for the upcoming Cosmopolitan Bachelor's Bash, the annual event by the Cosmopolitan magazine which features 69 hottest hunks in the country who will ramp on stage in one sizzling night!

The boy-next door heartthrob is now turning into a sizzling yummy hunk! He has now abs and muscles everyone is dying for!

According to Alden he prepares himself for the event by regularly going to the gym. Besides his busy schedules, he manage to maintain his physique through workouts. He is even conscious about his diet.

Here are some more photos of the now sexy and yummy Alden Richards courtesy of Aldenatics and of his Facebook Fan Page. Let's start staring at him:

So hot and sexy! Oozing! Imagine how a wholesome young heartthrob now turns out to be a yummy sizzling stud!

Alden is also part of the 10 Centerfold hunks of Cosmomen, the Cosmopolitan Supplement magazine every month of September. The said supplement features 69 sizzling yummy studs half-naked plus 10 of the country's hottest male celebrities.

The annual Cosmopolitan Bachelor's Bash will take place this coming September 18, 2012 at the World Trade Center.

Great transformation Alden! Keep up your hotness! Two thumbs up.(

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