'AHA' Shares Different Rainy Day Trivia This Sunday!

Is Metro Manila really starting to sink because of the continuous rise in flood water level? As this once unthinkable scenario slowly becomes a common sight during the rainy season, experts offer a number of ideas to address this. This Sunday morning, on GMA-7’s wacky trivia show, join the entire gang of AHA! and discover the many ways Filipinos can possibly benefit from floodwater. Some people are even considering turning a part of Metro Manila into the country’s very own version of Venice!

And speaking of rains, exactly what do animals do when the rains start kicking in? Where do birds and monkeys usually spend their time during the wet season? Join Maey B. as she uncovers these interesting animal trivias.

And finally, explore the wonderful science behind rain-proofing and discover how a simple spray can water-proof one’s clothes. And can a balloon be used to keep a car afloat during a flood? All these and more in this week’s episode of AHA! Sunday morning, after Slamdunk on GMA-7.(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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