'Mundo Man ay Magunaw' Author Salvador Royales Praises the TV Adaptation of his Own Masterpiece!

Veteran movie writer Salvador Royales reveals that he feels proud of ABS-CBN's TV version of his precious masterpiece "Mundo Man ay Magunaw," which was first adapted in a movie topbilled by the Queen of Philippine Movies Susan Roces.

According to Royales, it overwhelms him to read the positive feedbacks of the avid fans regarding the great portrayal of Empress, Nikki Gil, Ejay Falcon, and Eula Valdes of their characters in the afternoon drama series that recently won in the ratings game with its 12.8% national TV rating compared to its rival program in GMA, "Hiram na Puso" which only got 12%.

"TV viewers here and abroad responded very well with the family-oriented story of 'Mundo Man ay Magunaw," he said. "In fact, because of the series' well-delivered conflicts and confrontations, even I am very thrilled to watch the upcoming episodes."

The veteran writer also shared that he salutes the whole cast and directors of the Kapamilya Gold drama series. "Eula, Empress, Tessie Tomas, and Sylvia Sanchez really gave justice to their respective characters; while Nikki and Ejay became a huge revelation as they show-off their remarkable talent in acting."

He also added that, "The directors Jeffrey Jeturian and Regz del Carmen, likewise, did a very good job in directing. Their shots were beautiful and they were able to execute simple scenes very well."

As the story goes down to its last two weeks, Royales proudly shared the main message of "Mundo Man ay Magunaw" and its main characters Sheryl (Empress), Jenny (Nikki), and Olivia (Eula). "In every family, love, understanding and compromising is very important," he said. "Avoid judging the people around you because you have no idea if the person you're aiming at is your real family."(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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