Gretchen Barretto's Antagonist Character in 'Princess and I' Captures Attentions of Many Viewers!

Truly, a villain or 'kontrabida' in the story makes the plot of a TV series more colorful! They bring more twist and exciting episodes each night to your favorite show!

Amid the huge following of the hit love quadrangle happening among the teen cast of ABS-CBN’s top-rating primetime series “Princess and I,” TV viewers cannot help but notice the regal presence of the show’s villainess, Ashi Behati, portrayed by award-winning actress Gretchen Barreto.

La Greta recently claimed the spotlight as she stirred up strong emotions among the loyal followers of “Princess and I” since her character arrived in the Philippines to check on her son Dasho Jao, played by young actor Enrique Gil.

Behati’s surprise visit to Manila was such a hit among viewers that it generated various reactions via Twitter –

“‏@DJKathXstrology: Go Ashi Behati! Ilayo mo si Jao kay Mikay;” “‏@fontanillakat: I smell something fishy with the alliance of Ashi Behati and Gino’s Mom;” “@ellalaaaaaaa: I’m excited to see Gretchen dressing-up, abandoning her Yangdon costume! She is surely stunning;” and “‏@MaxineFernandez: Welcome to the Philippines Ashi Behati! I love you so much. Salamat naman at dumating ka na!”

Being showbiz’ queen of high fashion and reminiscent of her “Magkaribal” days, fans of the “Princess and I” are already anticipating for the trends that Gretchen will come up with as Ashi Behati dons her ‘Manila royalty look’ in the next weeks to come.

What will be Ashi Behati’s role in Jao and Mikay’s (Kathryn Bernardo) love story—will she prevent her son from falling in love for a Filipino commoner or will Mikay’s good influence on Jao earn Behati’s approval? But how will Behati react once she finds out that Mikay, the girl who her son loves so much, is the long lost princess of Yangdon whom she once attempted to get rid off?

Like its story that gets more compelling night after night, the national TV ratings of “Princess And I” continues to leave the competition behind. Based on the combined average of nationwide urban and rural ratings of Kantar Media last June 20, it garnered 39.1% national TV ratings compared to its rival program in GMA, “Luna Blanca” which only got 15.7%, registering a 23.4 difference. The show remains the top 2 most watched TV program in the Philippines, next to “Walang Hanggan.”

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