Denise Laurel Leads the Newest PHR Offering, 'Pintada!'

Denise Laurel, the "Precious Hearts Romances Presents" favorite now leads the said hit pocketbook adaptation. She is called as such since she already starred in the different PHR offerings like "Bud Brothers," "Midnight Phantom," and "Kristine." But this time in the new season, she will play a much bigger role!

Denise is in the title role of the upcoming PHR installment called "Pintada." She will portray a mysterious girl with a scar in her face. This scar reminds her of her dark past.

Here is the first teaser of "Pintada" featuring Denise Laurel:

Unlike in the previous PHR wherein Denise was paired with onscreen partner Rafael Rosell, this time she will be paired to a new leading man. Martin Del Rosario will be Denise new leading man in this another exciting chapter of PHR. This is actually their first ever tandem in a TV series project.

Right now, Denise is seen with Rafael in the soon to be concluded Primetime drama series "Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig" playing the socialite and lovable wife Wendy Garcia.

Are you excited to see Denise now in the leading role?! Definitely! Good luck and more power Denise!(

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