Some Scenes to Look For in the Newest Fantaserye 'Aryana!'

The first teenage mermaid on Philippine TV series will finally premiere tonight in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida!

"Aryana" led by the teen star Ella Cruz tells the story of a teenager who was cursed to become a mermaid as a form of revenge of a mother mermaid who lost a daughter!

Here are some of the scene photos from "Aryana." These are some of the things we should watch out in the teleserye:

The comedy icon Pokwang plays the character of Ofelia, the mother of Aryana. Tonton Gutierrez on the other hand is Aryana's father in the story.

Completing the cast members are Desiree Del Valle, G. Toengie, Lotlot De Leon, Tetchie Agbayani, Laurice Guillen, Chocoleit, and Paul Salas!

"Aryana" comes in back to back with another hit fantaserye "Wako Wako!"(

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