Sequel of This Year's Blockbuster Movie 'Avengers' on the Go!

Because of the success of this Hollywood film "Avengers," a must-see Part 2 is currently on the works!

Walt Disney Co, the maker of this hit Marvel superheroes announced recently that they were working for its sequel.

According to the box-office reports from the US and Canadian theaters, the film debuted with a whooping $207.4 million opening gross! Globally, the movie earned an overall amount of $702.2 million. Wow!

The first movie unites Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor and The Hulk against the villain of darkness Loti! But on the sequel, it is rumored that "Spider Man" will be included!

The target playdate is not yet announced! But the sequel of "Iron Man" and "Captain America" alone were already revealed being shown in 2013 and 2014! Cool!

Congratulations to the success of "Avengers!" Thumbs up! (

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