The Jessica Sanchez 'American Idol' Finale Performance Videos!

The whole country is now on the peak of excitement waiting for the revelation of the 11th American Idol Winner. Will it be our very own Jessica Sanchez or her rival Philip Philips to be bring home the victory?!

On the final night, the two contestants performed three songs. The first song is Simon Fuller's choice, the second one is the finalist's favorite song which made them stand out, and the third one is their original composition which will become their signature single when won.

For Jessica, her three songs which she performed were "I Have Nothing," "The Prayers," and "Change Nothing."

Here are the three video clips of Jessica's performance during the final night. Let's all watch these:

Round 1 - "I Have Nothing"

Round 2 - "The Prayer"

Round 3 - "Change Nothing"

Based on what you have watched, do you think Jessica showed her best performance?! Will she be the very first Filipina to bring home the prestige title?!

Congrats Jessica. Being part of the Top 2 finalist is already a victory! Thumbs up Kabayan!(

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