'Tanikala' Offers Another New Great Stories This Lenten!

This year, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) Asia, producer of the weeknight inspirational TV program The 700 Club Asia, presents “Tanikala: Ang Ikaapat na Yugto,” another must-see Holy Week special airing April 5 to 7, 5:00 p.m. on GMA.

TANIKALA: ANG IKAAPAT NA YUGTO brings another batch of eye-opening films – Unos, Gapos and Wasak. On Maundy Thursday, veteran actress Amy Austria-Ventura will portray the life of Lupe in Unos, a mother who is bound by the chains of witchcraft and unforgiveness.

She shares, “I play the role of Lupe here, a loving mother to her children. But since her husband is unable to support the family, she also does witchcraft which she learned from her ancestors so she could earn money…but she is a good person. For the family, for her children…she’ll do anything whatever it takes.”

Meanwhile, on Good Friday, Gapos, introducing indie actor Junjun Quintana, recounts the life of Elmer Anibigno, a policeman and former leader of a notorious syndicate “Bulate Gang” in the 70s. Junjun considers Gapos his major acting break for TV, and he hopes to penetrate mainstream through this project.

The third story, Wasak, airing on Black Saturday, stars actor/host Icko Gonzalez. He will play the life of gospel singer Jonaver Luklukan, whose view of love became distorted when he was sexually-abused as a child, making him a sex and drug addict.

According to lead actor Icko, “Pastor Jonaver’s story can be an inspiration to many people who have been abused, whose lives have been broken, including mine, who need to hear that God wants to set people free and restore broken lives.”

TANIKALA: ANG IKAAPAT NA YUGTO also features one of GMA’s fast-rising stars Alden Richards, actors Bembol Roco, John Arcilla, Mike Lloren, Gerard Pizarras and Roselyn Perez, with Sonjia Calit and newcomer Christine Serrano.

TANIKALA: ANG IKAAPAT NA YUGTO is the fourth installment in the Tanikala series which started in 2009. Gapos and Unos are both written by Gin Sardea and directed by John Tan, while Wasak is written by Don and Icko Gonzalez, from the direction of Derrek Adapon.

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