Sam Milby is Still the Summer Sizzling Hot Flavor of 'Folded and Hung!'

Almost every Summer of every year, many people really await the irresistible sexy hot billboards of the hunk actor Sam Milby posted in EDSA Guadalupe. Yup, these were his yearly summer billboards being an endorser of the famous clothing brand Folded and Hung!

This 2012, Sam is still the flavor of Summer! He is the top hunk endorser together with the newest joiner Alden Richards and Enrique Gil!

Here are the new billboards of Sam for the said clothing brand exposing his sizzling yummy abs and body:

We're unsure if these new billboards of Sam will be going to post in EDSA since sexy billboards like these were now prohibited to show in public! We can only enjoy these billboards online.

Sam is currently flew out of the country to try his luck in Hollywood! Exciting new TV series and movie projects await him!

Good luck Papa Sam! You are undeniably hot in different aspects! Two thumbs up! (

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