Nana Saves Johnny from Death in 'City Hunter!'

The twist gets more intense in the hit action-drama Koreanovela "City Hunter." After Nana revealed to Johnny that she knew everything about the guy including his tough mission being a City Hunter, Nana will even sacrifice her own life for the man she truly loves.

Johnny’s life will once again put in danger as he falls into the hands of the enemies. But little did they know that NaNa followed them where they brought Johnny and just as when they fired the bullet that was supposed to end the city hunter’s life, Nana takes the shot to save Johnny!

Is this the end of Nana? How will this affect Johnny’s mission? Will he finally end it to protect the people he cares for or will he carry on with more fury and revenge in his heart?

These are just of the exciting scenes we need to watch out this Wednesday night (Mar 7) in “City Hunter,” right after “Pinoy Big Brother Unlinight” in ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. Another breath-taking chapter...! (

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