The Full Trailer of 'Wako Wako!'

This Monday night, Primetime Bida welcomes a new friend. He is no other than an Arukan called "Wako Wako!" He is ready to invade our Primetime with his unique charm.

Aside from this unique creature, another new child star will captivate our hearts. He is dubbed as the 'young Coco Martin' after portraying the character of the young Daniel in the hit TV series "Walang Hanggan." He is the newest child wonder, Yogo Singh.

Here is the full trailer of "Wako Wako." Let's all watch this:

“Wako Wako” is a story of seven-year-old boy Muymuy (Yogo), who yearns to make his father, a respected policeman, proud. His cowardice nature, however, prevents him to do so. He will discover a magical creature and he’ll call it Wako. Wako-Wako fulfills all his wishes, but soon Muymuy discovers that every granted wish comes with a price.

A mysterious lady named Dyosa Marishka finds Muymuy and tells him that Wako is an Arukan and that she is a goddess of wishes in need of help from the creature.

The goddess needs to find seven people who will provide pure selfless wishes to save her kingdom and bring her back to power. In return, Wako helps Muymuy with his family’s problems in this endearing tale of friendship and relations.

"Wako Wako" premieres this Monday, March 5, 2012 right before "TV Patrol" in ABS-CBN's undisputed Primetime Bida! It replaces the recently concluded TV series remake "Maria La Del Barrio!" (

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