Big Utol Returns in Taking Charge the Big Brother House!

Big Utol has temporarily taken over Big Brother’s role in “Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited” this week and give out tasks that will once again test the housemates as the program’s current season nears its Big Night.

The naughty and seemingly carefree Big Utol, who was first introduced in “PBB Double Up,” was heavily discussed on Twitter Sunday night (Mar 4) when his comeback was announced.

Tempers flared in the house as the housemates clashed with the M5 composed of Beauty, Baron, Franzen, Luz, and Rica last week, but the ultimate test of tolerance and patience has yet to turn up as Baron Geisler and Beauty Gonzalez returned to play the role of Don Baron and Donya Beauty who gives orders to the housemates in the ‘hacienda’ with the latest season evictee Seiichi as their aide.

For their first challenge in the ‘hacienda,’ Pamu and Tin were instructed to kill a chicken and cook it. Slater and Carlo, on the other hand, were ordered to work in an actual paddy field.

Meanwhile, Biggel, Carlo, Kevin, and Tin are up for the program’s 13th eviction night on Saturday (Mar 10). The housemates alleged that Biggel and Kevin, who received the highest number of votes for eviction, have continuously refused to stand up for themselves. Carlo, on the other hand, was voted by Pamu because she believes there is more to him than his ‘good guy’ image. Tin was automatically nominated by the M5 after evaluating the housemates and said Tin has still a lot to prove and know about herself.

There are only 24 days before the much-anticipated Big Night. To gauge the voting public’s judgment more accurately, a single SIM card may only send one vote per day to save a housemate. To vote to save your favorite housemate, text BB(space)NAME OF HOUSEMATE and send it to 2331 for Globe, Sun Cellular, and TM subscribers, and 231 for Smart and Talk N’ Text subscribers. You may also vote online on

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