Vicky Belo, Hayden Kho, Nancy Castiglione, and Al Galang: A Love Quadrangle on Twitter and Letter!

The love story of Dra. Vicky Belo and former Dr. Hayden Kho Jr. is once more put on great test. Now it's not anymore an issue of controversial videos nor on their on/off status. But it was an issue of a third and a fourth parties started and ignited on the micro-blogging site Twitter!

Yes, the Twitter world witnessed the conflicts between the Vicky-Hayden relationship. And two names came across them.

It all started when Vicky Belo posted on her Twitter account her souring relationship with Hayden. And she mentioned the name of the actress-model Nancy Castiglione.

Here are Vicky's tweets pertaining to Hayden and Nancy:

Hayden on the other hand didn't keep silent on their issue. On his Twitter account, Hayden hits Vicky with the following tweets:

And later on, Hayden even shared a picture of a letter through his Twitter account. According to him, this is a letter of Vicky's Yoga instructor Al Galang.

Here is the screenshot of the said letter piece. It reads:

Another name was dragged in the issue. This time, it was Vicky's Yoga instructor and hunk model Al.

Al on the other hand said that he didn't know what letter to Vicky Hayden is pertaining to. According to him, it's good to know that Vicky is now single and she should enjoy it!

Then earlier this day, Hayden retracted his statements against Vicky and tweeted the following:

After this tweets, the Twitter account of Hayden was immediately deleted!

It seems that we are watching a real-life teleserye. The lead characters are Vicky, Hayden, Nancy, and Al! And this time, it's all about a love quadrangle!

Reading their tweets and stories, who do you think is telling the truth?! Be the one to judge and give conclusions to their love story! (

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