The Great Changes in the Life of Coco Martin's Character in 'Walang Hanggan!'

"Walang Hanggan" now conquers the Mega Manila and the nationwide TV rating! The whole week, "Walang Hanggan" took the No. 1 spot as it got a 30% plus ratings in the nationwide survey!

The big changes in the life of the main character Daniel (Coco Martin) could be one of the reason why most viewers got hook to the story. After his bloody fight with Tomas (Joem Bascon), Daniel was saved by his real mother Emily (Dawn Zulueta).

Here is the full trailer of the exciting twists and turns in the story:

Aside from the big changes in the life of Daniel, we also witnessed how the life of Emily changed from rugs to riches!

Emily was sent to Italy to work as a domestic helper. She took care of the rich man who gave all his wealth to her before he died.

Emily saved the life of Daniel. She will use the young man as an instrument for her revenge to the Montenegro family!

Aside from the twist in the lives of Daniel and Emily, what other changes will take place in the other characters like to Katerina (Julia Montes), Nathan (Paulo Avelino), Marco (Richard Gomez), and to the veterans Lola Henia (Susan Roces) and Margarette (Helen Gamboa)?! Will Katerina finally get wed to Nathan?!

These are some of the most exciting new episodes we should watch out in the No. 1 hit teleserye today, "Walang Hanggan!" Congrats to its continuous success! Thumbs up! (

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