2011 TV Series Craze Awards Winner - Xyriel Ann Manabat is the "Child Wonder of the Year!"

Xyriel Ann Manabat once more proves that she is really today's generation's female child wonder! She is hailed as this year's "Child Wonder of the Year" here in our very own TV Series Craze Awards.

2011 is really the year for the child stars. The three giant networks launched their newest child wonders who topbilled in their very own TV series! And Xyriel who was launched last 2010 in ABS-CBN's "Agua Bendita" vested the other child stars.

Here is the official final result:

From the result, the top 3 child stars last 2011 who gave their stellar performance in their own TV series were:

1. Xyriel Ann Manabat ("100 Days to Heaven") - 74%

2. Mutya Orquia ("Mutya") - 8%

3. Bugoy Cariño ("Buhawi Jack") - 5%

As you can see, Xyriel got a landslide votes of 74%! Wow!

Xyriel truly created a remarkable role in the world of TV series after portraying the character of the young Madam Anna Manalastas (Coney Reyes) in the hit inspirational TV series "100 Days to Heaven!" We may recall that last year, Xyriel was also hailed as the Female Most Promising New Face in our 2010 TV Series Craze Awards as she played the young Agua and Bendita in the fantaserye "Agua Bendita!"

Once more, congratulations Xyriel! Keep up the good work and see you in your new TV series this year! (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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