The Battle of "Wine Versus Soap" Tonight on Primetime!

The battle of "Wine Versus Soap" will be witnessed tonight on Primetime as two grand TV series premiere on two rival networks! Kapamilya offers "Walang Hanggan" while Kapuso releases "Legacy!" Who between them do you think will emerge on top?! Which becomes click to viewers?!

Two huge drama series having similarities in different ways! If the main theme of "Walang Hanggan" revolves around 'wine' since the main characters own a wine company, "Legacy's" theme on the other hand focuses on 'soap' since the main cast members are running a soap and beauty products company!

Three generations comprised the plot of "Walang Hanggan" and "Legacy." In "Walang Hanggan," Ms. Susan Roces, Mr. Eddie Gutierrez, and Ms. Helen Gamboa for the first generation; Richard Gomez, Rita Avila, and Dawn Zulueta for the second generation; and Coco Martin, Joem Bascon, Melissa Ricks, Paulo Avelino, and Julia Montes for the third generation. Meanwhile for "Legacy," they were Mr. Eddie Garcia, Mr. Robert Seña, and Ms. Liza Lorena for the first generation; Jackie Lou Blanco, Maritoni Fernandez, and Cherie Gil for the second generation; and Geoff Eigenmann, Sid Lucero, Mike Tan, Alessandra De Rosi, Lovi Poe, and Heart Evangelista for the third generation!

Will Love Be as Sweet as Wine?

What Beauty Product Defines Love?

"Walang Hanggan" gives us a fresh new tandem in the name of Coco Martin and Julia Montes. In "Legacy" on the other hand, former Kapamilya stars turned Kapuso Geoff Eigenmann and Heart Evangelista reunited! Now the question goes, who's love team will be supported by million televiewers?!

The love stories and rivalries between these two new teleseryes seem to pass from generation to generation. Started from the first generation continued in the third generation, the love and rivalries were pass on to the grandchildren!

Which story between these two new shows do you think can make you hook?! Which do you think has a more interesting plot?! And which between them seems more star-studded?!

Judgement starts tonight, January 16, 2012! "Legacy" premieres on GMA-7's Telebabad block right after "Munting Heredera" while "Walang Hanggan" on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida right after "Budoy!" Good luck to these two new TV series! (

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