Andi Eigenmann Will Be our Pinay 'Maria Mercedes!'

After giving birth to a cute baby girl, the heiress of drama Andi Eigenmann returns in the TV series world now being our very own "Maria Mercedes!"

Actually Andi already revealed in her last year's guesting in "Kris TV" that the offer to reprise the character of this Mexican telenovela was given to her right before her pregnancy! But now that she already gave birth, the project will pursue! She is already preparing for it.

"Maria Mercedes" is one of hit telenovelas of Thalia. It was shown in ABS-CBN way back in 1996 which pitted against RPN-9's "Marimar." If this TV series project will prosper, this could be the fourth telenovela of Thalia revived in the Philippines along with GMA-7's "Marimar" and "Rosalinda" and of the currently airing "Maria La Del Barrio"

The role of the Pinay "Maria Mercedes" was rumored before being offered to Ms. Angel Locsin. But since Angel starred in the fantasy series "Imortal," the character was given to others. And Andi is said to be the perfect choice!

In terms of the leading man, Martin Del Rosario was eyed to portray Jorge Luis, the only man Mercedes fell in love with! We may recall that Andi and Martin's tandem was groomed in the recent hit drama series "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin!" But of course, other Kapamilya actors were still considered! Cool! (

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  1. Big YES!!!! for Martin Del Rosario! Well-deserved...

  2. Good for ANDI! THE HEIRESS IS BACK! she's one of my fave actresses! Good thing she broke up with that spineless boy(albie, who destroyed her). Hate him! Big nose feeler!!

    ANDI IS BACK! Watch out kim chiu, you're not the only actress in abs.. ANDI was born a natural actress. ANDI had always had and still has the freshest, beautiful, NATURAL face!