2011 Year-End Special: The Year of the Controversial Sexy Billboards!

2011 was also the year wherein many sexy billboards caught the eye of MMDA! MMDA pulled out the billboards of many celebrity endorsers who showed skin in their billboard.

Some of the billboards which were taken out in the busy roads of EDSA were the billboards of the actresses Angel Locsin and Anne Curtis. Even the Bench body billboards of the players like AZKALS and Philippine Rugby Team were also removed!

Because of these billboard controversies, many endorsers rose to fame specially the Philippine Volcano Rugby Team! This team was first became known to public because of their sexy hot billboards and not of the sports they were playing!

Even the AZKALS's Team Captain Aly Borromeo eventually became a 'sex symbol' or "pantasya ng bayan" because of his Bench billboard posted in Rockwell Center, EDSA Makati.

As 2011 finally went out, let's look back to another story which put color to the previous year of the rabbit - the sexy intriguing billboards. Here are some of the said billboards who caught the interest and attention of many people specially the MMDA:

Underwear Billboard of the Philippine Volcano Rugby Team

Angel Locsin's F&H Billboard in EDSA Guadalupe

Angel Locsin & Phil Younghusband's Century Tuna Billboard

Anne Curtis' Sexy Billboard in EDSA

AZKALS' Aly Borromeo Wearing Only Brief Billboard

Paulo Avelino's Sizzling Bench Body Billboard

Because of these billboards, no sexy billboards or those wearing only underwear were posted in EDSA. Now, we can only enjoy seeing them online! Hayz...

This 2012, what do you think will be the next center of controversies?! We'll see! (www.TV Series Craze.blogspot.com)

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