Will the Truth Revert the Romance of Maria and Luis Fernando in 'Maria La Del Barrio?!'

Truth will finally come out in the top-rating Primetime TV series, "Maria La Del Barrio!" Will this truth can return the romance of Maria (Erich Gonzales) and Luis Fernando (Enchong Dee)?!

The mothers of Luis Fernando (Angel Aquino) and Maria (Assunta De Rosi) made their children believe that they were siblings. And because of this fraud, Luis and Maria decided to separate ways and find their own respective love affairs.

Now that the truth is set to prevail, will Maria and Luis be back in each other's arms?! What then will happen to Sabrina (Jewel Mische) whom Luis decided to marry?!

Catch these new exciting episodes of "Maria La Del Barrio" as its Book 2 continues to soar high in terms of TV ratings! And because of in-demand public request, "Maria La Del Barrio" is extended until February 2012! Nice! Great job Erich and Enchong! Keep it up! (www.TV Series Craze.blogspot.com)

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