Exclusive: Are Tyron Perez and Marky Cielo Share the Same Fate?!

It seems like history repeats itself after the recent tragic death of young actor Tyron Perez! It was December 29, 2011 when Tyron's body with a gun shot in his head found dead in his own car in Valenzueka City!

We may recall that three years ago, a young actor also found dead inside his room! He was Marky Cielo, the Ultimate Sole Survivor of Starstruck Batch 3!

It seems that Tyron and Marky shared the same fate! Do you notice that they have many similarities?! Well, join me as I count in!

First of all, both Tyron and Marky were product of GMA-7's hit artista search "Starstruck." Tyron was an avenger of Starstruck Batch 1 while on the other hand, Marky was the grand winner of Starstruck Batch 3.

Both of them died young! Marky was 20 years old while Tyron was 26 when passed away!

They both died on the month of December! Yup, it surprising to note that Marky died last December 8, 2008 while Tyron on December 29, 2011!

What more, the cause of their death seems so similar! Marky was reported before that he committed suicide when his body was found dead on his own room. On the other hand, Tyron's cause of death was also pinpointed as suicide!

Are these things just coincidence?! So sad to hear these kind of news!

Another thing, the date December 29 when Tyron passed away is also the death anniversary of Miko Sotto! It was December 29, 2003 when this son of Ali Sotto accidentally fall in his condo unit!

May you Rest In Peace guys! Hope that you already found your real home in the hands of our Dear Lord! + (www.TV Series Craze.blogspot.com)

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