Michael Trevino of 'Vampire Diaries' Goes Half-Naked for Bench Body Billboards!

The yummy hunk actor of the hit US TV series "Vampire Diaries" is the newest endorser of the famous clothing brand Bench. And he endorses the sexy undergarment of the said brand!

Well, hold your breath! Pin your underwear before it drops as you take a glance with these sizzling hot online posters of Michael Trevino. Yeah, he is half-naked, wearing only brief and exposes his yummy hot body for Bench. Here they go:

Did you know that this is the very first time of Michael to pose in a sexy billboard just like this?!

Yup, he revealed it during his interview! He said: "Yeah. It’s my first time to be photographed in an underwear. It made me feel like I was damn-near completely naked”

“But I’m glad that it’s over and now I can have lunch. I was on a strict diet before this shoot, and now I can eat all the junk food that I want,” Michael joked.

To give you more infos about this sexy Latino hunk, Michael is only 26 year old. He was born and grew up in Montebello, California. His mother was originally from Zacatecas, Mexico and his father was born in Fresno, California, to Mexican immigrants. He is now very famous because of their TV series "Vampire Diaries."

The said sexy Bench Body endorsement was first offered to "Twilight" hunk werewolf Taylor Lautner. But the hot actor rejected the offer that's why Bench gave it to Michael!

So hot that we can't resist him! Go, go, go yummy Michael! You truly sizzles! More new endorsements and posters to come dude! (www.TV Series Craze.blogspot.com)

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