KC Concepcion Reveals Her Break-Up With Piolo Pascual Via 'The Buzz' Interview with Boy Abunda!

Finally, the Mega daughter KC Concepcion reveals her break-up with the Ultimate Heartthrob Piolo Pascual!

In an exclusive interview of Boy Abunda in "The Buzz," KC tells all her feelings! She was crying telling everything about her and now former boyfriend Piolo!

Here is the two part video of this Sunday's episode of "The Buzz" courtesy of starmometer and Kapamilya News featuring the Boy Abunda's interview with KC. Let's all watch this:

What do you think is the mere reason why KC broke up with Piolo?!

Wishing you all the best KC! Someday, you will finally found the man that will truly love you! (www.TV Series Craze.blogspot.com)

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  1. it's non of my business na.....alam nman cguro natin lahat ang reason kc sa mga sinasabi pa lng ni kc, catch-up k kaagad.

  2. sorry i'm not into showbiz so i really don't get it? does it had something to do with his gender?
    or any related issue that turns that way? cau'ze kc keeps saying "dahil babae ako" ..."para sa sarili ko"????... not to mention the fact that she cant blurt it out on public, maybe somehow it'll ruins piolo's image!!!

    ---jumping on conclusion!!!

  3. totoo kaya na c mark bautista ang dahilan? dahil nahuli daw ni kc c mark na galing banyo bagong ligo sa bahay ni pj, kaya meron pa syang nasabi sa interview mark my word pj mark my word.