The Full Trailer of the Tagalog-Dubbed 'Helena's Promise!'

"Helena's Promise" is the newest 'kilig' Koreanovela which started capturing our hearts every afternoon! It also marks the TV series comeback of the Korean hunk heartthrob Lee Dong Wook who is portraying the character of William, the love interest of the lead role Helena.

"Helena's Promise" is also known as "Scent of a Woman." This tells the story of a 34-year old woman named Helena who was diagnosed with a gall bladder cancer. She is about to die in six months.

If you're not able to catch the premiere episode of this another romantic Korean drama, just take a look to its official Tagalog-dubbed full trailer to learn the flow of the story. Here it goes:

So cute and inspiring! William and Helena posted a perfect couple! Do you think they will be together until the end?! But, how about the illness of Helena?!

Catch "Helena's Promise" weekdays at 2:30pm right after "Happy Yippee Yehey" only in ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Gold! Cute! (www.TV Series

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